"We can't help but email to say that the roast chicken we cooked (using your recipe) from our last box was the best chicken we ever ate.  Even when my husband cleaned the chicken he noticed how different (less large pockets of fat, much cleaner, etc.) it is from the typical chicken we'd buy at Whole Foods...I think we'll be having roast chicken dinners for many months ahead."

- Tracy Zhao, Larder Club Member


"Larder Meat Co. goes beyond 'organic' and does the legwork to make eating local easy. And delicious."

- Jack Rudolph, Stepladder Ranch and Dairy


"Our family loves the monthly box, having the best flavor, quality, local & sustainable meat in advance in our freezer is a boon to meal planing, with fewer trips to the store!"

- Mike Larsen, Photographer and Larder Club Member


"It is a pleasure as well as a perfect fit for Tablas Creek to work alongside Larder Meat Co. Supplying them with our Estate raised Lambs. We believe whole heartedly in the endeavors of Grace and Jensen. The support of sustainable agriculture and the small farmer is always something that we will stand behind at Tablas Creek Vineyard."

- Neil Collins, Winemaker and Larder Club Member


"As a conscious consumer I am always seeking out the best products to cook homemade meals that nourish myself, my husband, and our friends. The Larder Meat Co. delivers the highest quality, best tasting, locally-sourced meats on the Central Coast. Every time it arrives on our door step it feels like Christmas came early! It has made our monthly meal planning so much easier, it has inspired us to test our new recipes, and it has allowed us to host folks more frequently in our home. We are a huge fans and highly recommend it to everyone—get on the wait list ASAP!"

-Kendra Aronson, author of the SLO Farmer's Market Cookbook and Larder Club Member