Hi. My name is Jensen. I've been a chef working and living on the Central Coast of California for over 20 years. 

My wife, Grace, and I operated a fine dining restaurant & inn (the Cass House Inn & Restaurant), and over the course of 6 years we built strong relationships with the local farmers, ranchers and producers who supplied our kitchen. We felt a responsibility to help support our local food economy, so we did in the little way we could, but we wanted to do more.

I'm a chef, husband, father, outdoorsman, entrepreneur, and a consumer. I believe in the power of connecting my life to the environment and I believe that begins with what I consume. I believe in the power of linking land and food as a means of strengthening a community and I believe each meal I make has the ability to change the way we connect with each other and our environment. We created the Larder Meat Co. because we wanted to have direct and consistent access to healthy, ethically raised meat raised by people we know and trust.

As consumers we have purchase power strong enough to change the way future generations interact with their food economy. We decide to spend our money on meat that has been raised locally or abroad, in conditions that either nurtured the life of that animal or fought against it. I believe that as consumers we have the power to ensure that what we purchase is contributing to a sustainable food shed, not depleting it. 

Happy cooking. 

-Jensen Lorenzen

Recipe for a Healthy Food Economy

serves, all of us 


1 friendly rancher

1 happy cow, pig or chicken

1 grateful chef

1 YOU--A conscientious consumer who cares where his/her meat comes from and how it's raised.  


  1. Take equal parts friendly rancher, happy cow, and grateful chef and combine evenly. Nurture this union until it becomes a pliable working relationship. This may take as long as 20 years. Your patience is appreciated.

  2. Thoroughly combine ingredients until they form a cohesive direct to consumer sales platform.

  3. Add YOU, the conscientious consumer.

  4. Enjoy active participation in creating the foundation of a healthy food economy, one meal at a time.