We started the Larder Meat Co. because we wanted to support small family farms, eat healthier meat, know exactly where it comes from, and put farm raised food at the center of our plates.


How it works

1. Select Your Plan

Choose your box size & contents. Our signature boxes include a selection of beef, chicken and pork. We also have a chicken & pork only box.

2. Receive your Monthly Box

Your monthly shipment arrives in an environmentally-friendly biodegradable liner. Skip a month any time, and shipping is always free!

3. Know your farms

We are 100% transparent about our sourcing. All of our meat is pasture raised on small family farms in California (keep scrolling for more info).

What You Can Expect

Larder Club subscribers receive a monthly delivery of pork, beef, and chicken sourced from small ranches on the Central Coast of California. Our animals are always pasture raised, antibiotic & hormone free. Our meat is flash frozen immediately after processing, and shipped to you within the month. Our sourcing standards ensure you are buying from ranchers who care about how their animals are raised, and who care about providing your family with healthy, ethically raised meat. We have three box sizes to choose from, each box includes recipes & a few extra items to help stock your larder. You can cancel any time, or skip a month whenever you need to!


Payments are processed on the 1st of the month, and we begin our delivery week on the second Monday of the month (you will be notified before your box ships). Our cut off for new sign ups is the second Monday of the month, if you sign up after that you will receive your first shipment the following month.


Our Farms



Owned by Bruce and Diane Steele, Winfield Farm is the largest breeder of purebred Mangalitsa Wooly Pigs in southern California. 

Winfield Farm Mangalitsas are raised on pasture, and are fed barley and organically grown pumpkins and squash. All pigs going to market are finished on acorns, walnuts, and almonds from the surrounding area - a diet modeled after that of the famed Iberico Bellota or Pata Negra pigs of Spain.



For over 150 years the Hearst family has raised cattle on 150,000 acres of rich sustainable native grasslands on California’s Central Coast. A conservation easement protects the Hearst Ranch’s working landscape preserving its agricultural productivity and biodiversity in perpetuity. There beef is 100% grass-fed and always hormone and antibiotic free, produced from free-ranging and all-natural cattle. Visit their website to learn more about their history, heritage and commitment to producing the finest grass-fed beef found anywhere.



Owned and operated by John and Heather Teixeira, Teixeira Cattle Co. has been carefully developing their herd for sire and embryo sales for quite a while. So when it comes to having a vested interest in producing healthy animals that result in top quality pasture-raised beef, this is it. 

Teixeira Beef is all natural, pasture raised, GMO and growth hormone free. All Teixeira beef selected by Larder Meat Co. is dry-aged for a minimum of 20 days. 



In 1999 David Evans founded Marin Sun Farms as an extension of his upbringing on his family’s cattle ranch in the Point Reyes National Seashore and has grown the company to be a gateway to market for many small farms raising livestock under the stringent protocol and values the company was founded on.

Marin Sun Farms proudly operates the last remaining USDA inspected slaughterhouse in the San Francisco Bay Area, a certified organic and Animal Welfare Approved facility.



Rex Swan, a cattle breeder and beef producer who has lived in Templeton since 1977, started Swan Family Angus in Templeton 16 years ago and now manages a heard of 150 Angus cattle. 

According to Rex, the beef’s unique flavor can be attributed to the it’s locally sourced diet (which includes whey from Central Coast Creamery, brewers mash from Firestone Walker Brewery, and white grape pomace from Central Coast wineries). Swan Family Angus are raised on open pasture their entire lives and are finished on grass paddocks. Instead of a strictly grass product with a limited window for the cattle to be fat enough to be called "finished", Rex's program has proven to offer a delicious finished product consistently in the high Choice to Prime grades of beef. Additionally, all beef selected by Larder Meat Co. are dry-aged for a minimum of 20 days.



Rinconada Farm was founded in 1999 by Jim and Christine Maguire. A small-batch handcrafted cheese operation that began with eight East Friesian sheep and one ram has grown to over 150 ewes and produces some of the best sheep's milk cheese in the state of California as well as the counties best free-range chickens and Berkshire pigs. 

The Maguire's commitment to raising happy and healthy animals extends to the smallest members of their farmstead as well, the pastured chickens. These chickens are pasture raised year-round and are free to roam on the same forage as the sheep. They live outdoors, free to peck and scratch for bugs and seeds all the while fertilizing the soil for the sheep.



J&R is a full service, USDA inspected and California state licensed butcher facility in Paso Robles, California. The majority of our meat is processed here, with the exception of the meat we source from Marin Sun Farms (which is processed in their own USDA facility).

J&R operates the only USDA inspected Mobile Harvest Unit (MHU) in California. The MHU is a pioneering slaughterhouse on wheels that allows them to travel to local ranches and, in the most humane manner possible, harvest livestock and bring them to their processing plant in Paso Robles.




  • You are supporting small, family owned farms & ranches.

  • You know exactly where your meat comes from (did you know that retailers do not legally have to state the country of origin of the meat they sell?).

  • Pasture raised meat is healthier than conventionally raised meat (it contains 50% more omega 3s on average).

  • You are buying from a much smaller supply chain with a much smaller carbon footprint.

  • Our meat tastes better! Once you roast a pasture raised chicken, fry Mangalista bacon, or grill a grass fed, dry aged Rib Eye you will never want to go back to conventionally raised meat again.



You will receive your box once per month (deliveries begin on the second week of the month). You will be notified prior to delivery with a specific delivery date (which can be rescheduled if needed). We deliver free of charge throughout California.

All of our meat is vacuum sealed and labeled with the farm that it came from. We ship your order overnight in a biodegradable cooler that will keep your meat frozen until you receive it.

Our meat is delivered frozen for two reasons. First, we want you to receive the meat as fresh as possible. All of our meat is vacuum sealed and flash-frozen, to preserve it at it's peak. This means the chicken and pork are frozen immediately after harvest and the beef after a minimum of 20 days of dry aging. The second reason our product is frozen is so that you can stock your home freezer with a month's supply of locally raised meat and thaw it as needed. Just think, you can check one more item off of your grocery list, without ever going to the store. Your meat purchasing needs for a whole month are just a click away!

As delivered, the meat will remain at peak freshness if stored in your freezer until the day you plan on using it. After thawing (we highly recommend thawing overnight in your refrigerator), the meat will be best prepared within three days.

Here is an idea of how to use a Large box over the course of a month:

  • Week One: Roast Chicken (Make Chicken Stock with the bones & Posole with the legs), Grill Steaks

  • Week Two: Make Meatballs, Lettuce Wraps, and/or Sloppy Joes

  • Week Three: Cook Roast (large box only), Use remaining Steaks or Kebab Meat for Kebabs, Tacos, or Fajitas

  • Week Four: Burger Night, Use Ground Pork for Bolognese, Lasagne, or Meatloaf

  • Breakfast: Bacon (save the rendered fat, it's delicious!) or Breakfast Sausage