How To Use Our Spices:

All Purpose Italian Seasoning - Meatballs, bolognese, meatloaf and more! This seasoning is all herbs, all day! You can use this as a stand-alone addition to Italian inspired dishes or add a sprinkle towards the end of the roasting period to add a little more “Nonna” to your roasted bird or beef roast recipes (just remember to add it in the last 10 minutes or so, so you don’t burn the herbs). Just a simple mix of Italian herbs with a hit of salt make this a great addition to Italian inspired fare. Having Italian? Just add this seasoning :)


All Purpose Roast Rub - Similar to the Poultry Dry Brine, this mix of herbs and spices is specifically formulated to help get that nice deep brown caramelization on your beef roasts. Just coat the outside of the roast and let it “dry brine” in your refrigerator overnight, then let the rub do the rest. 


Breakfast Sausage Seasoning - You can use this to make breakfast sausage simply by mixing it into 1 pound of ground pork. It’s best to mix it and let it sit in your refrigerator overnight so that the spices and salt have a chance to brine the meat. Use this seasoning for making the sausage in our Frittata recipe.


Charred Steak Salt  - When you want that grilled over the charcoal taste without lighting the grill. Our Charred Steak Salt is made with activated charcoal and rosemary. It’s an ideal finishing salt for steaks, chicken and even beef tartare. Just a small sprinkle at plating time will give your food a nice smokey salinity, without the hassle of lighting a wood or charcoal grill. 


Chili Seasoning - Use this seasoning with the LMC Ranchero Chili recipe! It’s just some good ol’ fashioned chili bean spices like cumin, paprika, garlic and coriander. There is a small amount of salt in the seasoning, but not so much that you wouldn’t add more to the recipe. Just season, taste, season and taste as always. 


LMC Garlic Pepper Blend - Do you like garlic? Do you like pepper? Do you like garlic and pepper on meat? So do we, and we put this stuff on almost everything. Seriously, if we had to pick a single recipe this blend is most suited for we couldn’t. If you need a start gin point for this awesome all-purpose savory blend, just try it with the stuffed mushrooms first. We promise you won’t stop there. 


Gochugaru Seasoning - Sprinkle me on the LMC S.O.S for a spicy kick or for those of you who received a portion of Korean Style Short Ribs, check out our recipe on the blog!


Taco Seasoning - Use this to season your ground beef or ground pork for tacos. In addition to spices like chili pepper, paprika and cayenne, this seasoning blend also contains a small amount of corn flour as a thickener with dried tomato powder and salt for flavor. It’s a pretty turn-key taco seasoning, but feel free to tweak it to taste however you like. 


Herb Sausage Blend - You can use this as a basic Italian-style sausage brine. Just mix the seasoning with 1 pound of ground beef or pork, wrap it up tightly and let it brine in your refrigerator overnight before cooking. This blend does contain some salt in order to brine the meat, but feel free to add more to taste! This is a great seasoning to use in our stuffed mushroom recipe! 


Herb Satchét, Muslin Bag - This is to be used specifically for the Confit recipe and Beef Bone Broth, but can easily be used for other purposes (such as flavoring chicken broth, soups, etc.). It includes dehydrated garlic, dried thyme, bay leaf, black peppercorns, and star anise.


Holiday Spice - Add me to ground pork to make a flavorful holiday inspired breakfast sausage or add me to a mixture of ground beef and pork for our LMC Swedish Meatballs. Check out our recipes on the blog


Kofta Seasoning - Just add ground lamb and you’ll have the one of the best traditional lamb sausages you’ve ever tasted. Take a look at the recipe (in our recipe section) for the Kofta and Raita Sauce, mix, grill and serve. Your friends will wonder where you bought it! 


Mongolian Beef Spice Blend - Something about rainy days makes us long for noodle bowls, yaki-tori (Japanese bar-b-que) and braised beef on rice. Is it just us? Use this seasoning with Mongolian Beef recipe and get ready for some seriously savory flavor-bomber bowls of bliss. This recipe is perfect served with rice and veggies.  


Montreal Steak Seasoning - Our version of the classic deli seasoning, tastes great on just about anything in the box and makes a great brine base, but our favorite way to use this seasoning is to sprinkle heavily on steaks right before they hit the BBQ. 


Pacific Flake Hand Harvested Sea Salt - More of that “real-deal” finishing salt from our friends at Pacific Flake! Pacific Flake (, is a boutique culinary sea salt harvestry, creating flake sea salt using a slow cook method, hand harvested from the cold and pure waters of Northern California. Pinch and sprinkle the light crisp salt flakes onto any cuisine to create the perfect dish. Formed by fire evaporation and hand harvested at just the right time - THE FLAKE! Fire evaporated and hand harvested the old fashion way. No additives. Made in California.


Pork Brine - A simple blend of salt, brown sugar and thyme. Chef Jensen used this exact recipe in his restaurants for years. Our pork brine is ideal for brining pork roasts, spare-ribs, chops and tenderloin, just dissolve this in water and brine your pork in the flavored mixture overnight. This will season and tenderize your chops from the inside out! You can even use it in a pinch for a basic breakfast sausage seasoning—just add ground pork and sage if you have it! 


Poultry Dry Brine - The Larder Club staple seasoning! Just sprinkle the contents of the package on your chicken and let it rest, uncovered, in the fridge overnight. Check out our recipe on the blog for the worlds best Whole Roasted Chicken.


Santa Maria Seasoning - It’s not just for Tri-tip anymore! This seasoning is simple and delicious on just about any meat. Try it on chicken, pork chops, roasts or anything else you would slap on the grill. There’s a reason this seasoning has been a staple on the Central Coast for over a hundred years. 


Smoked Sloppy Joe Seasoning - We make this seasoning blend specifically for our Sloppy Joe recipe by carefully smoking sea salt for 10 hours. This develops a deep smoke flavor, ideal for adding to a Sloppy Joe recipe. We then add a mixture of cayenne, garlic and a few other spices to make this seasoning a salty-smokey-spicy-sweet masterpiece, perfect for our favorite sloppy sliders (try with beef or pork!).