Larder Meat Co Dinner at Stepladder Ranch

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When we first started the Larder Meat Co in May of 2016, we hosted a dinner at one of our partner farms, Stepladder Ranch, just outside of Cambria, CA. Stepladder is known for their artisan goat milk cheeses, which we of course featured on the menu, along with their pork, passionfruit, and avocados. We poured our favorite local cider (from Scar Of The Sea) and wine (a red and a white from Field Recordings) to go with the menu. Our guests sat at one long table under a string of lights. It was the ultimate farm to table dinner experience, something we hope to repeat again soon! If you are interested in joining us for future dinners make sure to join our email list on the homepage of our website to stay in the loop.


Stepladder Ranch Dinner Menu

28 May 2016


Stepladder Cheeses

rioli run, clothbound cheddar, ragged point triple cream

cured Winfield Farm Mangalitsa “fiocco”


Bob’s Well Bread

toasted pain au levain


Dry-aged Swan Family Angus Beef Tartare

confit farm egg yolk with avocado


Salad of Local Lettuces & Foraged Edibles

passion fruit vinaigrette


Stepladder Ranch Heirloom Pork

loin and belly slow roasted in the wood oven, 

whey braised shoulder, ham and hocks,

jus sweetened with honey, peaches


Local Ancient Grains Marinated in Lemon

Winfield Farm Mangalitsa ‘Nduja, Rinconada feta, basil


Potatoes and Fennel Roasted in Lard


Estate Berries & Pound Cake

stepladder chèvre, honeycomb candy, bee pollen


Field Recordings White & Red Wine

Scar Of The Sea Cider

Photos by Mike Larson